Before materializing as unique, one-of-a-kind precious objects, these hand-crafted jewellery pieces started out as story fragments. Melody-wisps from a musical instrument maker’s symphony of exotic woods. Ancient rhymes glinting from old-mine cut gems. Songs from Sirens washing pearls and corals in waves. Until along came two tall, story-telling Dutchmen, lit up by laughter, driven onwards by passion. One a jeweller expert-connoisseur; one an outstanding goldsmith – together friends and colleagues for over twenty years.

Now they have a new story to tell...

It’s called The Amsterdam Collection by Statement Jewels – a range of jewellery conceived of and crafted, by hand, from start to finish, in the historic centre of Amsterdam. By up cycling painstakingly-selected elements of jewels who had forgotten how to gleam, and combining these with bright, new, urban-mined golds, Mart van Drunen and Frederik Bakker meld past and present into future. Each one-off piece is uniquely signed and numbered and hand-engraved with a vertical triple-x; the defining symbol of Amsterdam.
Welcome into our story.

By appointment only  •  Internationally based in Amsterdam  •  +31.6.5097.4922  •