Statement Jewels is an appointment only jewellery business owned and operated by certified appraisal expert in jewels and golden objects, Mart van Drunen. At any one time the Statement Jewels collection may comprise pieces from the 19th Century, all the way through to contemporary designs from the latest season. Yet these individual articles will always share three things in common: quality, craftsmanship and passion.

Mart's interest in jewellery started at age five, when at a diamond dealer his mother asked his opinion on the diamonds she was buying. Three parts instinct and two parts her guidance, he managed to pick out the best stones. From that moment on he has never passed up any opportunity to train his eye and add to his extensive knowledge of art history, art and jewellery.

After graduating from Art History at the University of Utrecht Mart studied, while working, to become an appraisal expert, and passed his exams in 2004. For more information about this specific aspect of Mart's business, please visit our Appraisals page.

Mart has chosen for an 'appointment only' situation because he finds the 'open shop' atmosphere less than ideal for his way of selling.

Mart believes people should be free to take their time when buying jewellery, to find out how pieces feel on the body. Coffee, champagne, conversation, clothing and hair changes, and trips to the mirror are all integral to the experience. In a shop these things are rarely possible; by private appointment however, time is no barrier.

To keep current with all manner of things related to his business, Mart is a regular attendee at jewellery fairs. For additional information please visit our Events page, or subscribe to our mailing list on our Contact page to know where and when you can find Statement Jewels. 


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