When you need to have your jewellery appraised, your consultant should possess the highest possible qualifications. Mart van Drunen is an Appraisal Expert in jewellery, registered with the Federation of Appraisers (US)/Valuers (UK), Brokers and Auctioneers in Movable Goods (Federatie TMV).

When should I have my jewellery appraised?

Whenever you need to be sure of its current value for insurance, succession, or estate divisional purposes.

What are the costs?

Appraisals cannot be done by picture alone, nor over the phone. The actual piece must be examined. 

Pricing for 2023:

€350 for the first hour, or part thereof. Then €150 for each additional hour.

Travel time and research are calculated separately at €100 per hour.

Within the city of Amsterdam no travel costs will be charged.

All prices ex. VAT. 

What do I receive?

Once your jewellery has been examined you will receive a detailed Appraisal Report, which is a formal document.

By appointment only  •  Internationally based in Amsterdam  •  +31.6.5097.4922  •